Green Lab Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Lab Holdings, Inc.

The Green Lab family of companies is focused on embracing leading edge energy, communication, digital, and distribution technologies toward the objective of reinventing energy offerings and consumption – providing 100% green energy to an expanding base of commercial and consumer customers at deescalating prices.

The Green Lab Energy “Green Grid” currently services business and industrial complexes, real estate management companies, municipalities, government campuses, education campuses, residential communities, and condominium complexes of fifty or more units. The initial cost to our customers to convert to Green Lab’s “Green Grid” is zero, their carbon footprint for electrical service is reduced to zero, and they realize an immediate reduction in their energy cost.

In cooperation with automobile manufacturers, Green Lab Energy is deploying the first ever national infrastructure to service fully electric vehicles. We are cooperatively reinventing transportation in the United States.

Utilizing Green Lab’s proprietary technologies, a fully electrical vehicle can be driven from coast to coast with energy replenishment stops that approximate the time necessary to fill an average gasoline tank, but at approximately 25% less cost. An average energy replenishment will provide approximately 300 miles for a typical passenger vehicle, and all energy used is 100% carbon free.
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