Our nation’s fiscal deficit and debt structure are at nightmarish proportions. The causes of our nation’s economic challenges can be debated for centuries. However, these debates have historically been unproductive toward providing solutions. The core contributors to these challenges facing our nation are:
  • Dependence on outside sources of energy, resulting in costly wars that are predominantly negotiated to address our national security interests that are based upon our insatiable appetite and addiction to oil.
  • A steady decline in the American manufacturing fabric, which is the bedrock of our economy, resulting in escalating unemployment that will continue to worsen. There are few things that are more important to us as a nation than resuscitating the American Automobile Manufacturers.
  • To provide an avenue to resuscitate the American Automobile Industry and return these companies to the most productive manufacturing producers and employers in the nation.
  • Escalating electrical energy costs are crippling industry and individual consumers. Gasoline and diesel fuel is certain to continue to increase and is among the most caustic influences on the overall health of our economy. Virtually every product and service bought and sold is affected by escalating fuel costs and the derivative effect of decreasing profit margins is deflating our global competitive capabilities.
Quoting statistics is fundamentally much the same as having a debate without defining a desired outcome. It achieves little with regard to solving problems. We all know what the challenges are. The implementation and execution of solutions is where Green lab has focused its resources.

Therefore, simply envision a reinvention in an energy agenda that produces a decrease in cost that proportionately parallels an increase in consumption. Envision readily available energy that is wholly generated within the United States, and that produces zero carbon emissions. Envision an infrastructure that will provide low-cost energy replenishment to electrically powered vehicles that continuously reduces transportation cost as the U.S. vehicle fleet continues to grow. Envision reinventing the American auto manufacturers and bringing them back to the enormous employers and companies of yesteryear. Envision all of this occurring with 100% made-in-America parts and components.

Green Lab Holdings is focused on capitalizing upon current and emerging technologies, homogenized with economies of scale and our proprietary processes that make this vision a reality. As Green Lab continues to grow and reinvent energy in the United States, we fully believe that it will have a dramatic, positive and systemic impact on the U.S. economy.
Key Benefits
Green Lab Energy has developed proprietary technologies that are revolutionizing and reinventing vehicle transportation. In cooperation with American auto manufacturers, Green Lab is currently implementing its nationwide transportation infrastructure to allow customers’ travel using 100% battery powered vehicles without geographic boundaries or limitations associated with timely recharges.
  • 4 Minute Battery Refuel
  • Environmentally Friendly Batteries
  • Recharged With 100% Green Energy
  • Carbon Footprint Zero
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