Green Lab Energy is pioneering an electrical infrastructure that embraces green energy technologies, including solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and wind. Our hub-and-spoke deployment will cover the United States by the year 2030, providing electrical service to homes, businesses and industrial complexes, creating zero carbon emissions while simultaneously reducing customer’s energy cost by over 25 percent.

Green Lab’s proprietary technologies, infrastructure design, deployment and energy transmission are revolutionary, and will become the standard for electrical generation and consumption throughout the world. Green Lab Energy continues to grow Green Grid – its expanding base of interconnected autonomous energy generation centers that provides its customers with electrical service at a fixed monthly cost. *

The current focus of our Green Grid infrastructure expansion includes office and industrial parks, university and government campuses, and condominium and homeowner associations of fifty units or more. All power generation on the Green Grid is from 100% renewable sources with zero carbon emissions.

Green Lab Energy absorbs all cost of hardware, installation, monitoring and maintenance. Green Lab guarantees uptime of 99.995, an immediate cost reduction of 25% and a guarantee that our customer’s rates will not increase. In fact, it is the goal of Green Lab energy to pass on the economies of scale and provide our customers with cost reductions as our Green Grid continues to expand.

The only significant change that our customers notice by switching to our Green Grid is to whom they send their check to for electrical service, and the amount of the check being 25% less.

* Fixed monthly cost is based upon the past 24 months average utilization, less twenty-five percent.
Our Green Grid Infrastructure offers several benefits. Some of the key benefits are:
  • $0 upfront cost to the customer
  • Immediate reduction in electric cost.
  • Guaranteed fixed monthly rate.
  • 100% Green energy
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Highly Reliable
If you are a interested in our Greed Grid Infrastructure, or simply have questions, please visit our Solutions page or you may contact us by visiting our Contact Page.
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