Green Lab Energy is pioneering green and alternative energy generation and storage mechanisms that reduce its customer’s energy cost by 25% while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint to zero. Green Lab’s innovative agendas include programs whereby customers enjoy immediate energy savings with no upfront cost. The company serves both consumer and industrial clients.

The company has developed proprietary engineering technologies and automation that are revolutionary to the energy industry, and is completing its proof-of-concept phase in Columbus, Ohio.

The company business plan calls for the initial deployment of its Green Grid infrastructure to 51 markets in North America utilizing a hub-and-spoke deployment strategy, which provides the company and it’s customers with an escalating economies of scale benefit.

The Green Lab transportation infrastructure is revolutionizing and reinventing automobile and light truck transportation, with a goal of converting the entire U.S. fleet of automobiles to fully electrically powered vehicles by 2030. In addition to the obvious benefits to consumers, our agenda is instrumental in revitalizing the American automobile industry.

Green Lab Energy is pursuing an initial private placement with accredited and institutional investors to fund its Green Grid proof of concept phase, which will lead to an expanded private placement, bridge and mezzanine financing toward an IPO to facilitate full deployment.

Institutional and accredited investors should send a letter of interest to:

Investor Relations
Green Lab Holdings, Inc.
8605 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 28405
Los Angeles, California 90069
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