Among our nation’s greatest challenges and burdens is its dependence on foreign oil for our transportation requirements. Virtually every product and service provided or consumed incorporates a cost for transportation. As a nation, we spend trillions of dollars to protect our strategic interests in oil. Our need for a steady supply of oil is paramount to our national security, as one can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if supplies were cut by only a few percent, let alone by 50% or even 100 percent. Electrically powered vehicles have been available for decades. However, the four fundamental challenges that have prevented them from becoming viable alternatives to gasoline or diesel powered vehicles are:
  • The endurance limits of electrical vehicles have been limited to a radius of less than 300 miles;
  • There is no widely available infrastructure to replenish electrically powered vehicles that are competitive with a traditional four-minute fill-up of a gasoline-powered vehicle. This is a contributing barrier that renders electrically powered vehicles impractical for any extended travel outside of an owner’s local area;
  • To provide an avenue to resuscitate the American Automobile Industry and return these companies to the most productive manufacturing producers and employers in the nation.
  • The core energy used to recharge electrical vehicles continues to predominantly rely upon carbon-based fuels;
  • Irrespective of the debate regarding climate change and whether it is exacerbated by carbon emissions, the potential consequences of climate change are clearly not commensurate with the risk of doing nothing. Green Lab’s ultimate vision is, Carbon Footprint Zero, for which we can demonstrate an achievable goal by 2035.
  • Economies of scale for manufacturing electrical vehicles have not been realized, and cannot come to fruition until over 15 percent of the U.S. vehicle fleet are fully electric cars and light duty trucks.
Green Lab Energy is resolving the four fundamental limitations delineated above.
  • Green Lab Energy has developed proprietary technologies and designs that make fully electric vehicles not only a viable alternative to vehicles powered by carbon based fuels, but also vehicles that exceed the power and endurance of current gasoline and diesel powered vehicles while utilizing zero carbon fuels at a per-mile cost that is substantially less.
  • Working with the American automobile manufactures, Green Lab Energy is reinventing transportation by investing in building and deploying the requisite infrastructure throughout North America to refuel electrically powered vehicles competitively with the four-minute fill-up.
  • All electrical charging facilities deployed by Green Lab Energy are 100% carbon footprint zero. All of the electrical energy generated by Green Lab energy is from solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and wind.
Green Lab Energy has developed proprietary technologies that have completely reinvented the traditional method of transportation. In cooperation with American auto manufacturers, Green Lab is currently implementing a nationwide transportation infrastructure to allow customers to travel cross-country using 100% electric powered cars without the worry of timely recharges or limited distance.
  • 4 Minute Automated Battery Exchange
  • Environmentally Friendly Batteries
  • Recharged With 100% Green Energy
  • Carbon Footprint Zero
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